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Interesting Facts About Almost Everything

In Canada, you can't say "sorry" as evidence of admitting guilt.

The reason why this happens is that people in Canada end up saying sorry too much. They try to be polite, but in the end, the truth is that they say it way too often, and it becomes a problem more than it should. That's quite interesting and a great insight into how some nations things.

When dinosaurs were roaming Earth, the moon had its volcanoes.

This is crazy but also true. The moon was a lot more active than right now when dinosaurs existed. That's what makes it so amazing to see the moon in its state right now.

Only one letter doesn't appear in the periodic table.

That letter is J, and the reason is that no element contains it. It's pretty interesting in its own right, but it shows the unique variety of the periodic table in the first place.

Daniel Radcliffe had an allergy to his Harry Potter glasses.

Yes, movies don't always show the true thing behind different things. Our beloved Harry Potter actor had a nickel allergy, and those glasses had a lot of nickel. However, as soon as the production team realized the issue, they replaced those with some hypoallergenic options. Also, his glasses had no lenses; instead, they added lenses in the post, which is interesting.

"I'm the king of the world!" Di Caprio's line in Titanic was improvised.

In movies, actors constantly try to make movies independently with all kinds of improv. Di Caprio did the same thing, and he made this one of the most famous sayings in the film. It shows that a bit of creativity can push things to the next level. It all comes down to being creative and approaching everything and expecting. In the end, it was a fascinating thing and something that many people enjoy.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was the first movie to have its own soundtrack album.

Until then, movies didn't really have a soundtrack of their own. There were sounds added to the film, obviously, but this was the only one with great music created solely by it.

Astronaut is a word that comes from two different words in Ancient Greece.

One of the two words is 'Astro,' which means star, and 'naut,' which means sailor. If you take it word by word, astronaut means star sailor. It doesn't have anything to do with being an astronaut, but it's still unique, something you need to learn about.

Baby pandas are smaller than a mouse at birth.

It's interesting because they grow up to be massive animals. Yet when they are born, these beings are compassionate and small. It just shows that not all big animals start that way. And it's something a lot of people will cherish when they find out.

Iceland doesn't have a railway system.

We take railway systems for granted in most of the world. But due to its unique location and other factors, Iceland doesn't have a railway system of its own.

The largest grand piano in the world was built by a 15-year-old.

The piano has over 19 feet in length, it comes with 85 keys, and it's just a sight to behold. You can find this grand piano in New Zealand at this time.

A Metal Gear Solid 3 boss can be defeated by not playing the game for a week.

If you find a specific boss hard to defeat in the game, you can use some tricks to beat him a lot easier. You can either change the date of your console or computer. Or you stop playing for a week, and when you come back, he is dead. This is a very cool idea and an easter egg that not many people figured out independently.

Elvis was blonde at first.

We know Elvis to have his great black hair, but apparently, he was blonde in the beginning. He dyed his hair black to have a better and edgier look. He would sometimes use black shoe polish to touch himself up, which is interesting to keep in mind.

Squids and octopuses have beaks.

You wouldn't expect them to have a beak, but they do. The beak is mostly keratin, and it's used to capture and eliminate prey.

The first Star Wars movie premiered on just 32 screens in the US.

It was something new, and obviously, there wasn't a lot of interest at first. It's said that this was a significant release designed to generate buzz. Eventually, as the movie got more and more sought after by people, other theatres were interested, and they started to showcase the film.

GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo 64 had only a team of 9 developers.

It's rare to see a AAA developer work on a game like this with just nine people. Nowadays, big games have teams with hundreds of people. That being said, games were a lot less detailed when compared to the older ones. And the game did receive a lot of awards, to begin with, such as BAFTA, AIAS and many others, which is fantastic.

Red doesn't make bulls angry.

This is a myth, and a bad one at that. Red is not making bulls angry because they are colorblind. So the bull doesn't know what color you are showing. It's more the nuance rather than the color itself.

Texas didn't have an official flag between 1879 and 1933.

During the time, they used the Lone Star flag. That was widely used pretty much everywhere they could. However, it was not an official flag, yet it's still interesting to see how they wanted to have some officialization despite not adopting a flag.

Saint Lucia is the only country that's named after a woman.

Yes, most countries are named after men or have male pronouns. This is the only country out there that's named after a woman, which is quite interesting in its own right.

The oldest bottle of wine in the world is over 1,650 years old.

This bottle was found in a Roman tomb, and it's extremely old, as you can see. It shows that, yes, there are some very old sources of wine, and there might still be even older wine buried somewhere in the world.

You will notice that it's snowing metal on the planet, Venus.

Venus is one of those planets with some fascinating, albeit strange, properties. The truth here is that there are all kinds of metal there that continue to "snow," such as bismuthinite and galena. It's pretty different from what we have on our planet, which we need to consider.

Only two countries have purple on their flags.

The two countries are Dominica and Nicaragua. Both have purple on their flags, and it's something very distinctive since few other countries have something like this.

Brain fibers will lose 10% of their length every decade.

This shows that, yes, brain cells will not be as powerful all the time. That's why it makes a lot of sense to take good care of yourself. Apparently they shrink even more when you are dealing with stress.


There are many things to learn from these amazing facts. It just goes to show how fascinating and unique our planet is. There are always great things you can check out and learn about, unlike anything else out there. We recommend you to check these amazing things right now, and you can study all kinds of cool stuff. It's just one of those things that can make a huge difference, especially if you're an avid learner and want to know as much as possible!