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About Us

Peculiar Facts is a unique learning website, which offers insightful content on diverse topics. As a high traffic content website, drawing millions of viewers across the globe, Peculiar Facts sources relevant information from reputed NGOs, think tanks, journals, specialized magazines and media, breaking down the content into shareable units. The facts, which are drawn from various subjects, such as current affairs, history, music, movies, books, technology, religion, and health, use colorful and animated slideshows to transform learning into a fun activity.

Peculiar Facts publishes well-sourced and verified facts, prompting learners to discover fascinating information about their favorite topics. Conveniently, the facts are designed for all types of learners, making the information accessible to students, teachers and inquisitive minds, helping them with framing research, lesson planning, and homework.

At Peculiar Facts, all facts are genuine and verified information, whereby learners can treat them as resources to form critical judgments. Peculiar Facts encourages young learners to sharpen their critical thinking skills, helping them make firm decisions in everyday situations. From developing a zeal for learning to improved analytical skills, Peculiar Facts assists learners to develop a keen interest in learning. With Peculiar Facts’ innovative learning tools, learning has become incredibly easy and fun. The slides, which come in bold and colorful fonts, transform commonplace ideas into captivating content. Viewers are hurled into the immersive world of peculiar facts, where information is disseminated in a playful manner.

Broadly classified into six prominent categories, which include History, Animal, Science, Nature, People, World, Peculiar Facts offers valuable information about several topics, from geographical facts, historical events, facts pertaining to people and civilizations, social issues, science facts to current topics like nukes, global warming and pollution. Each of these categories has multiple slides, which feature interesting insight into the given topic. The slides draw information from various sources and compile weird facts, witty comments, and trivia. The content uses fascinating visual techniques and funky images to capture the viewers’ imagination. The facts constitute a variety of components, from historical events, statistical data to random facts.